BEMER – Energy Health for a Richer Life

Rick Gabrielly’s BEMER links:

Green Circulation Video

Dr. Rainer Klopp Video

George Gasich – BEMER Story 58:47 

Rick’s BEMER site, for company info and ordering (please call Rick first for guidance with ordering, 914.715.8909)

BEMER Veterinary Line – Currently for Horses (small animal version coming April 2017!)

Visit and scroll down just past the half-way point of my BEMER page and you’ll see the link to our Equine unit displayed on that beautiful horse with his trainer. Click the button or link to learn more! If you’d like a live demonstration at your location, call me at 914.715.8909 and I’ll come visit you and your horse!

Love technical details? Here are some links to satisfy even the MOST techie among us…

Joshua Berka, NMD our Medical Director

Bettina Torres, Organizational Director (You’ll LOVE this amazing Woman!!) Her Personal Story

Bettina Orientation Video – Part One, my favorite way to show you EXACTLY what you’ll get and HOW TO SET UP Your BEMER when it arrives!! (once again, she’s amazing!!)

Bettina – Part Two

Bettina – Part Three

BEMER Sales & Commission Plan Information 

BEMER Marketing and Promotion Tips From Rick…

Here’s a letter I sent to my local library back in December 2016 asking to share the BEMER with our Executive Director, Staff and my community, in a live presentation. BEMER letter – Beekman Library

BEMER is now at Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness

 BEMER…For Life.