BOSS Events

BOSS Events Group was founded in 2014 by Rick Gabrielly. Rick saw the need for an event planning company whose mission followed his well-known “4 Ps” formula: Passion, Purpose, Productivity and Profit.

Most of today’s events struggle with one or more of these areas. If they’re built around the presenter’s passion-based business, they often fall short on profits. If they’re built to make money, attendees sometimes leave without feeling the purpose. And almost all live events suffer from flaws in the planning, execution and lack of vision, all resulting in productivity loss both as the event and after the audience goes home.

Rick created BOSS Events to change this story. If you want your next event to fill the hearts, wallets and brains of your audience, get a meeting with Rick today to find out how. Your life and Your Message will never be the same.

Rick’s limitless enthusiasm mixed with his love of technology, wellness, energy medicine and spirituality, inspires, motivates and supports his clients. By choosing love over fear, Rick creates an environment of high-vibration, light-filled possibilities to help others uncover, cultivate and celebrate their own unique gifts, as well as the gifts in those around them.

Connect with Rick at 914.715.8909 or at